The Discreet Lesbian – Mandy Series Book 1 (Epsiode 1-4) Is OUT!

discreet lesbian mandyI am very excited to announce The Discreet Lesbian – Mandy Series Book 1, which includes Episodes 1 – 4 is available!  This book conveniently wraps all four episodes (Episodes 1 -4) into a single book and saves you money in the process.  Of course, you still have the option to buy each individual episode without getting the whole book.

Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 4 of McKenzie Stone’s exciting new lesbian drama fiction series is now available in a single book. The haunting story takes Mandy, the protagonist, from the very bosom of the church to a lesbian relationship, to being chased by the FBI for kidnapping, to the shelter of the unofficial lesbian underground.

This book includes the following episodes:

EPISODE 1: Mandy Blackwood is a product of a strict upbringing in the Eudora Southern Baptist Church. A church steeped in taboos against almost everything, but especially against homosexuality. She has been brought up to make her mother proud – marry, have children, and bring no shame on the family. As was expected of her, Mandy marries in the church, adopts a baby boy, and then suddenly meets her destiny, Kathleen Crutchfield.

EPISODE 2: Mandy walks a tight rope between heaven and hell as she struggles to live with her husband Scott just long enough for their son’s adoption to go through. Then she can get a divorce from her cruel husband and she and Kathleen, the real love of her life, can take the boy and move to a big city where they can be free of Scott, their Southern Baptist families, and the self-righteous community where they live.

EPISODE 3: Kathleen’s mother boldly unveils a cruel, insane plan that would separate Kathleen and Mandy forever. Now utterly alone and the only sane person left to fight for their relationship, Mandy vows to wait for sick Kathleen regardless of how long it takes. She experiences, first hand, the clout of the good ole boy system, which conspires together with her husband to illegally strip her of everything including her baby boy.

EPISODE 4: Mandy, being helped by unsung lesbian heroes crisscrosses the country in a last-ditch effort to keep her son and herself safe from her now politically powerful husband and the FBI. She and her new-found lesbian friends do everything they can to avoid leaving a trail for the authorities. But Mandy, herself, makes the final mistake that puts FBI agents and her ex-husband hot on the trail.

Bonus Episode: This eBook is a FREE bonus when you buy the Mandy Series BOOK 1 ~ Episodes 1- 4 ~ Lesbian Romance

Mandy, The Discreet Lesbian, and her lover, Kathleen, are flying down the road to Memphis for a romantic getaway. They had never expected an opportunity to be by themselves for three whole days as Mandy had a baby to care for and was still married to her screwed up husband who was a total jerk.

But everything had somehow fallen into place to give them what the considered was the trip of a lifetime and they were going to enjoy every delicious second of it. These lesbian lovers had reserved a room at the world famous Memphis Peabody Hotel and were planning to take in the town. That is, they were going to see the sites around Memphis if they could manage to keep their hands off each other long enough to leave their swanky hotel room.

Unbeknownst to them, when they were planning their little romantic escape, Memphis, though located smack in the middle of the Bible belt, had quite a bit to offer two lesbians on vacation from the small sleepy town of Paducah, Kentucky. In fact, to their surprise, Memphis could easily compare with Las Vegas or LA as far as gay entertainment was concerned.

Go with them as they visit an exclusive lesbian member’s only dinner dance club way out in the Tennessee countryside or watch their jaw dropping reactions to their very first professional drag show. Be a fly on the wall as they enjoy exploring each other’s bodies in a big antique claw-footed tub, in the huge walk-in shower and anywhere else that happened to be handy.

This is a lesbian vacation story that will inspire you to take one of your own. Mandy and Kathleen lesbian relationship would later confront many trying tribulations, but for this trip, their love for each other could be expressed with unhampered abandon. This trip was beyond ecstasy – it was pure heavenly euphoria.

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