Episode 6 in the Discreet Lesbian Mandy Series Is LIVE

Episode 6 Mandy - the discreet lesbianIf you enjoy lesbian drama and romance, you will love Episode 6 of The Discreet Lesbian Mandy series. This episode is set in the mid-1970s when gays and lesbians were still being routinely persecuted in the U.S.

Mandy, declared unfit to raise her adopted young son by a crooked, good-old-boy Kentucky court, takes her boy and runs. With the help of the unofficial lesbian underground, Mandy, fearing her cruel and dangerous ex-husband and the authorities crisscrosses the country until the FBI finally catches her more than three years later. Their son, torn from his mother’s arms, is immediately given to her now politically powerful ex-husband.

Vowing to get the boy back, legally, through the court system, Mandy moves back to Kentucky and subjects herself to unbelievable humiliation just so she can see her son until her legal team, pulled together by the lesbian underground, can find a way to get him back.

Scott, her ex-husband, suffering from multiple tragedies himself, in a surprise move, does an about-face and suddenly lets Mandy have the boy.

At first, everything seems to be going Mandy’s way, but with no notice, and ,after Mandy finds herself in a wonderful relationship, she finds out about something that strikes terror in her heart. Discover what groundwork Mandy has already laid to help counter this looming disaster.

Mandy and her new love are both tapped by the unofficial underground to do a dangerous and lifesaving task. This underground has helped Mandy through the long years of being on the run, and during all her legal battles. Mandy feels they must help, but under the present circumstances, are they up for the job?

Will Mandy fine a way to nullify her ex-husband’s newest menacing efforts to wreak havoc in their lives. Do she and her new love help the underground network? What do they find out about themselves during this chaotic time?

Find all this out and more in Episode 6 of The Discreet Lesbian – Mandy Series.

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